The one time my mom didn’t bring ear plugs to a concert and did’t regret it

I feel bad about not updating more than I do now. I was supposed to post this last year when I first created this blog, but that didn’t happen.  I’m sorry about that, better late then never right. A year ago today, March  6,  2016, my mom took my cousin and I to the rodeo to see Shawn Mendes.  Shawn, who was a  17 year old, 6’2 Canadian singer, won over my mom,  who does not like teenage concerts (or any concert that isn’t contemporary christian, she brings ear plugs to clog the noise and everything).  My mom was really impressed with the concert, she said “wp-1488682437041.jpg It was a really great concert.”  She noticed that he seemed really nervous and genuine at first.  Mom also said “She had an amazing time at his concert at the Houston Rodeo.”  He was a one-man band, placed in a lovely intimate setting for a mass of 71,000+ screaming girls who had dragged their parents out for the night.  He and the audience had a connection that she had never seen before.  Not only was he one with the audience, but he made everyone feel like he was there just for them.  He was absolutely wonderful on guitar!

My mom, The author.

Darrellon PrincePrincess Grace and The Pincushion Gang, is a mystery book written by my mom, Darrellon Prince. The main characters have a chronic illness. This story motivates people that have chronic illnesses or that have other circumstances in their life, realize they can have fun, excitement and adventure despite their situation. Even though it is a children’s book, it’s enjoyable to all ages.   The cost is $7.99, if you buy it at a book signing.  You can also buy it online at for $10, that includes shipping.

shawn mendes concert ft. mendes 98

shawn mendes concert ft. mendes 98


Cotton t shirt

Lace up booties

Topshop engraved ring
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Body jewelry

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shawn mendes concer ft. black mendes 98

shawn mendes concer ft. black mendes 98


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White jeans

Topshop silver jewelry

Body jewelry

Cz jewellery
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Best friends at twenty one pilots concert

Best friends at twenty one pilots concert