Avenger infinity war (mild to moderate spoilers) review

I had the privilege of seeing infinity war on Friday, the 27th. My mom and dad took me see it. Now that i’ve had time to collect my thoughts, hear is what I thought about Avengers infinity war.

First, can we just take a moment to appreciate cap’s entrance, it was awesome. Wanda and Vision are cute, my heart literally broke how they ended. The Scotland fight scene, the whole Scotland scene was wonderfully executed in general. It showed us how close vision and Wanda have gotten in the past two years. It also showed us how protective Steve, Sam and Natasha was over Wanda.Β The opening New York scene was good. And Peter Parker oh Peter, that “i don’t wanna go” scene was the death of me. I’m like 99.999 percent sure that Pepper and Tony actually adopted Peter. The relationship between Peter and Tony is so sweet the father/son relationship perfect. Ned’s small part was cool. Doctor strange was also cool. I liked his interaction with Tony. Okeye’s one liners where everything and then some. The development between T’challa and M’baku in two years is wonderful. Half of me think Loki is dead and the other half doesn’t know what to think about it. I loved Thor’s dramatic entrance, and the battle ax. Teen groot was one of my favorite’s in the movie. I also liked the fact that the on thing that got teen groot from being a teen was Thor. I also find it funny how Bruce and the hulk kept arguing. In concluded my thoughts on the movie, it was wonderful. If you like action, about 1 1/2 (give or take 30 minutes) out the 2 1/2 hour long movie is action. The dialogue is pretty up, it what you would expect from a marvel movie. Although i am still upset that it ended the way it did, i will have to wait til next year for the next part to get closure. Although I am grateful that is all i have to wait and not like two to three years. And i’m also grateful for my parents taking me the movies.