Thank you 2017 for being a great year

So that happened.  we were all there we all thought 2016 was bad but, 2017 come and was like you thought. 2017 was the year of bad music, bad leadership and bad ideas. But 2017 was my busiest year yet and hears some of the ups I had in 2017.

  • I turned another year older. 17 years old to be exact.
  • I went on my eighth mission trip, without my mom
  • I was my sisters Maid of honor
  • I participated in the miss teen Texas pageant for the second time. it was an awesome experience I would recommend it to all young girls. it made me more confident.
  • Made new friends, I will always look for ways to make new friends. I have made so many new friends and reconnected with the some old ones too.
  • 2017 made two years since I have been hospitalized. which I am so, so grateful for and thank God for endlessly.
  • I went to my first concert without someone over 19. (It was a Shawn Mendes concert)
  • I solemnly swear to live 2018 to the best I can for the people who I have lost in 2017. and the people who are no longer with me and my family.

You know when people say new year, new me. well new year, same me different mood and different agenda. These are not resolutions, these thing will happen. So hears to the things that will happen in 2018. I’ll even post updates as make them

  • Get a better wardrobe i’m going to be 18 I want to get dress up more offend.
  • Get more make up, when I was younger I got a make up thing almost every Christmas I want to get into make up again.
  • Make more friend and strengthen the connections I have with the friends I have already.
  • Be a better blogger, I feel it was as if I abandoned you guys in the latter parts of 2017 but that will change in 2018.
  • Get more serious about photography, I’ve always been interested in photography. And I took multiple classes.
  • Get into dance, I’ve been in and out of dance classes I want to get into more.
  • Upload a fanfiction to
  • To write my book and possible publish it, I cant tell you much about it. except that it’s an apocalypse book with a twist. so be on the look out for it in 2018-2019
  • Get fit, i’m going to start kickboxing but I want to do more.
  • Get more into social media, but not to much.
  • Get an agent, I want to start modeling and acting.
  • Strengthen my voice, I love to sing I want to strengthen my voice so I can sing better.
  • I want to be a better daughter and a better person in general. not saying i’m not a good one but, like everything it could be better.
  • Be nicer, not saying that in not a nice person but I kind of have no filter some time. But i’m praying that away.
  • I want to relax more. Maybe i’ll take on yoga and do more relaxing baths with bath bombs.
  • Drink more water, as a person living with sickle cell, the doctor always tell you to drink more and more water. I think i’ll get an app to help.
  • Become more of an sickle cell activist. I’ve done post and talked about it in the past, but I feel like I can do more. I want to do more.
  • Be more of an activist not just for sickle cell but in general. I have a voice and i’m not afraid to use it anymore. I want to stand up for what I believe in. no more being afraid of what people are going to say.

I hope you year will be pack with happiness and joy. let’s leave 2017 and all the bad things and all the bad vibes in 2017. So we can move on to better thing. I want our 2018 to be a better, fun, relaxed year despite how bad the music will be. Let’s all release our full potential in 2018. Thank much loves, happy new year!


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